Expert on Local Public Transport

Resources development for a transectoral and transanational innovative expertise

ELP Transport is a Strategic Partnership aimed at developing innovative outputs in the field of Vocational Training for Local Public Transport System (LPTS), developed transnationally and on the basis of a coordinated action among research, LTPSs businesses, VET providers and local communities. The urban mobility sector is affected globally by transformation dynamics. Local Public Transport plays a strategic role. Development, innovation, intramodality and interconnections for passengers and goods also and especially at the urban - and therefore local level - are among the majors challenges for European transport to make services more efficient and sustainable. The partnership was created to develop innovative training solutions able to respond to a increasing complex environment of the Public Transport System, who is called upon growing challenges in terms of both 1.environmental and 2. economic sustainability, 3.competencies spanning from technic to economic and a 4.user-centric approach. The partnership is based on a strong multilateral approach focusing on the integration of:


  • the Local Public Transport Service Providers (business) and local authorities (local communities), research and training provider communities;
  • technic, technological and economic professional expertises in the Locall Public Transport Sector, with a focus on technological and social innovation.


The partnership was therefore created to address the VET priority “Promoting work based learning in all its forms” to develop innovative training experiences that could take excellence in the research sector into the complex LPTS working environement thorugh a stable collaboration between research and LPT service providers and local authorities. The project is also in line with the new Erasmus+ HORIZONTAL priority of “Supporting individuals in acquiring and developing basic skills and key competences”.