PARTICIPANTS IN ELP TRANSPORT belong mainly to three categories:  

a1) main target group of unemployed or first time job seekers with a degree or diploma in economic, technical and engineering subjects; 

a2) other target group of employed workforce in the public transport sector that needs to be retrained and/or gain new expertise.  

b) Stakeholders that have fundamental experiences or are particularly effected by the results of the project (see stakeholder analysis in other sections), mainly local authorities, local communities as users of LPTSs, businesses in the transport sectors and startups, other research institutions, VET provider.

Participants will be involved in different phases with the following aims:

1. co-design (IO1, IO2);

2. test (IO1)

3. evaluation (all IOs).

4. dissemination (all IOs).

Both the a1) and a2) target groups can be reached by the direct access of some of the partners to this groups, in particular: 

  • CONEROBUS SERVICE CBS will involve in the project 

  1. 1-5 workers, through an internal selection that take into consideration: personal experience/attitudes, needs for retraining, service development strategies, ...; 

  1. 1-5 unemployed through an open call for expression of interest disseminated through: Job Centres of the Marche Region, Local Authorities main information channels, ...; 

  • UPV, UPM and UNI Zagreb will involve students in the research phase and offer the training opportunity to 1-5 newly graduated each in Italy and Spain, in the relevant fields, through an open call for expression of interest;

  • CONSORCI DE RIBERA can reach out (again through open call for expression of interests) to unemployed or first time job seekers with diploma from their local/regional contacts and media channels; 

  • CSI, CPU and Participants as b) will be selected by each partners among their network and involved through their standard communication channels, collaboration opportunities, and will create a database for all communication, dissemination and exploitation activities.